Brueggl Praezisionsteile GmbH

Business Objectives

With a focus on family values

Emerging from a family business, we feel committed to accepted family values. We always seek to maintain a humane, respectful and fair business atmosphere with our employees, business associates and competitors.

Innovation and freedom for entrepreneurial action

A long-term and strategic cooperation with our partners is our aim, we strive for system expertise. With our own performance or in cooperation with our strategic partners, we develop the innovativeness required. We are aware that long-term cooperation guarantees freedom for entrepreneurial activity and consequently continued improvement of processes and reasonable returns.

You design - we make

We are pleased to assist our business associates right from the design phase. This creates optimum customer benefit and mutual business success. Optimum processes at reasonable costs increase the value added. A perfectly cooperating team guarantees consistent realization of high-quality products.

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